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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Oh ye of little faith, look who's laughing now

Santa Lucia   (Painting by Domenico Beccafumi)
Although Jesus said to pray in a closet, all of that stadium Tebowing has paid off big.  At least in this old world.

Stats aside, Tim Tebow has now been “promoted to St. Lucie of the high-A League” (now that’s a mouthful, wonder what Saint Lucy is thinking).

When asked what he thinks about this possibly “undeserved” promotion, Tebrow stated:  For me, it’s not something I have to answer.  There’s a lot smarter wiser people than me that make those decisions…

And who are these wise ones?  Mets GM Sandy Alderson has proclaimed that life “is about more than just numbers.” And anyhow, Tebow “is improving.”

It might just take Saint Lucy to shed some light on this matter.  Either that, or another couple of miracles.     


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