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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thank God it's Wednesday

Honor the Sabbath!  (Distant Shores Media)
These days, weekends are often spoken for.  Adults work, kids play sports.  Some folks travel.

Sunday worship is often bypassed in favor of other activities.  Churchgoing becomes less and less frequent, resulting in Easter and Christmas only (if that).

That's why “Wednesday night services have emerged as a popular option.”  Coming smack in the middle of a hectic week, such scheduling can provide a soothing oasis.

But can the Sabbath be shifted to a Wednesday?  Some say that it can’t.  The “seventh day of the week” should remain as such.  Nevertheless, even that has been debated.  Some say it’s Saturday, some say it’s Sunday.

Yet others claim that Sabbath should not be confined to strict scheduling.  It is so precious a gift that it can be “unwrapped” at any time.  The practice of slowing down to appreciate God’s gifts seems pertinent whenever.

Perhaps you’re deep breathing at a stop signal in order to better accept the traffic jam.  Perhaps you’re weaning away from technology in order to spend cozy dinners with family.  Perhaps you’re silent while others are rehashing gossip.

Any time seems right for honoring that still small voice within.  Even if it’s a Wednesday.


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