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Monday, June 12, 2017

What Rover knows

(Photo by Chris Barber)
Ever wonder what your four-legged roommate is sensing?  Chances are that Rover knows your every move, often quite literally.

Reader's Digest explains that a dog “can smell something 100 million times more subtle than the faintest smell you can pick up.”  This means that Rover knows when you’ve been to the butcher, baker and candlestick maker, way after the fact.

Dogs can therefore be trained to detect breast cancer with 88 percent accuracy and lung cancer with 99 percent accuracy.  They are adept at sniffing out the chemicals that such cells emit.

Rover's other senses are also keen.  If you don’t like someone, he “can hear your breathing pattern change, [and] observe your body stiffen slightly.”  Don’t be surprised if he then acts aggressively toward that person.

Your canine companion can also sense when you’re upset.  Rover may not be able to read books, but he sure can read facial expressions.  He will often act empathetically with someone who is looking downcast.

Since his daily routine depends upon yours, Rover is also a master at reading signals.  If you even look toward the leash, he is raring to go.  As you down your last cup of coffee before leaving for work, he is already whimpering about being left alone.  He might then gaze adoringly into your eyes, hoping to convince you to stay.


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