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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gremel and Friends

Prairie Chicken    (Photo by GregTheBusker)
At 98, Russ Gremel has a lion’s share of friends.  Could be because he’s so close to nature...

Gremel just donated “$2 million worth of stock to the Illinois Audobon Society” in order to help create a wildlife sanctuary.  This 400-acre tract of land hosts “a couple hundred species of birds.”  

He will be among those who visit there.  Gremel looks forward to seeing others “come out and experience nature the way he did as a kid.”
When at home, he now has a four-legged companion named Tiger III.  Not a cat, but a nine-year-old rescued Chihuahua.  With neighbors ready to pitch in, Tiger III has found her very own sanctuary.  As Gremel says:  Everybody loves her.  She’s giving me lots of love right now.


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