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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

To the Moon, says Hawking!

'You too, Alice!'   (Fair Use)
You don’t have to be a physics genius to wonder whether time is running out for humans on Earth.

Nevertheless, Stephen Hawking keeps warning us to “get out of Dodge” quickly.  He estimates that we may have no more than another 100 years here at home.  If bombs don’t get us, climate might.  If climate doesn’t, viruses might.

Hawking’s solution is this: Hightail it over to the moon by 2020, then to Mars by 2025. Once there, get busy.  Building extraterrestrial colonies is hard work.  Nations will need to pull
together.  The pioneer spirit of exploration will need rekindling.  It’s do or die!

Because “we are running out of space,” we must now start running into space.  There are no more “New Worlds” left on this planet. Our next attempts at colonization had better be a lot kinder than past ones.    


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