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Friday, June 16, 2017

Ainsley Earhardt: Wearing the pants

Earhardt in 2011  (US Navy photo)
Women can be their own worst enemies.  Rather than celebrate the fact that Ainsley Earhardt broke through the pants-suit barrier on Fox TV, one self-described “Southern Mom” commented:  Much prefer Ainsley in dresses.

All well and good if Ainsley chooses to wear dresses.  But if Ainsley wears dresses because she has to, where’s the justice in that?

Earhardt broke the 1950s mode the other day by showing up on Fox & Friends in a bright green pants suit.  This Peter Pan look was supplemented by a “ruffled white blouse.”

Looks like Tinker Bell may have worked some magic with Fox executives.  One viewer had this to say:  Nothing says post-Ailes era’ louder than Ainsley Earhardt wearing pants on the set…


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