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Monday, June 5, 2017

LeBron: How would you feel?

Fire away!     (Photo by Alfo23)
Imagine you’ve just suffered a defeat.  Now imagine this was something you’ve worked most of your life for. 

Furthermore, you’re tired, hungry and in need of a shower.

Imagine you’re headed that way when journalists (paparrazi?) follow you into your locker room.  You’re half-undressed, and they thrust video recorders in your face.  They don’t accentuate the positive (that you’ve personally done a great job), but rather the negative (that your team lost anyway).

Then they fire up the BIG one:  So what if you all lose again next time?  On your HOME COURT, no less?  When the answer comes a bit sarcastically, the response is labeled as “sniping.”

How fair is that?  About as fair as a juggernaut overloaded with ammo… 


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