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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This - is - it.

Greet the Day!     (Photo by Mmacbeth)
It shouldn’t take a terminal diagnosis for someone to realize that this moment is all there might ever be, but often it does.

Rachel Huff is a working mom who’s been told she has 18 more months (tops) to live.  With metastatic bone cancer, some days are better left in bed.  But that’s not how Huff chooses to live.

She instead continues her usual routine: mothering two youths and working at a university campus.  Huff’s husband and kids still have their routines, so what would she do otherwise?

Although outer activities might look the same, inner ones have markedly changed.  Cancer has inspired Huff to downsize and organize her possessions, goals she had put off for years.  It has also made her more prone to saying what she means and meaning what she says.

Most of all, Huff’s awareness has grown.  From moment to moment, she thinks to herself:  This – is – it.  This point in time.

Huff now marvels at what used to seem ordinary.  She no longer takes life for granted, and urges others to “revel in the every day and in those people who continue to show up in your life.”


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