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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Don't pass over the meaning of Easter

Lamb of God   (by Francisco de Zurbaran)
Easter frills and bonnets have all but obliterated the true meaning of this sacred time.

Without understanding the Jewish Passover, it is impossible to fully appreciate Easter. Although many still equate Easter with the Saxon goddess Eostre (Ostara), it is important to note that Easter is often called Pascha (Arabic cognate of the Hebrew word Pesach, meaning “pass over” or “protection”).

Jesus is often called the Paschal Lamb (Lamb of God, Agnus Dei).  That is because The Last Supper is equated with the Passover seder. “Seder,” meaning “order,” is a ritualized meal that commemorates the Exodus.  Sacrificial lambs were part of that original ritual, and their blood on Hebrew doorposts is what signaled God to pass over (protect) these homes during the Tenth Plague.

The Crucifixion then became the ultimate saving grace for God’s people.  The blood of God’s Lamb had been spilled for the resurrection of all righteous beings.    


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