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Friday, April 7, 2017

Don Rickles: Pussycat at heart

Rest in Peace    (Photo by Kenny Louie)
For all his blowhard bluster, Don Rickles had a thing going on for 52 years.  Not for Mrs. Jones, but for Mrs. Rickles.

Three weeks before his recent death, Don posted this tweet for the missus:  We are celebrating our 52nd Wedding Anniversary
March 14th.  Happy Anniversary my dear wife,  Barbara.  You are my life.  Hubby then signed off as “Pussycat.”

Now pussycats have claws, and Rickles wasn’t dubbed “Mr. Warmth” for nothing.  His heckling of big and little alike is well known.  What’s lesser known, however, is his soft side.

Catholic writer David Ritz, who openly admits to cringing at Rickles’ brand of humor, acknowledges this paradox.  In a review of Don’s autobiographical book, Ritz states:  …his gratitude to the people who gave him opportunities, his humility, his faith life (as a Jew) and his faithfulness in marriage are all cause for admiration.


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