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Saturday, April 8, 2017

A squared plus B squared equals Matzo Pizza

Out with the old!    (Photo by Jonathunder)
Why remain square when you can triangulate into the 21st century?

Tired old rectangular matzo has finally gotten a new look.  Reshaped into triangles, it can now provide the perfect foundation for pizza toppings.  

Those lacking gourmet skills will be relieved to note that this all comes together smoothly, thanks to the Manischewitz company’s Matzo Pizza Kit.

Engineering breakthroughs have made such feats possible.  Let’s face it:  Triangles just can’t withstand the pressures that rectangles can.  Manischewitz therefore had to think outside the box and into the pyramid.

Because the three-sided newbies kept breaking, employees began coddling them by hand and placing them into cooling containers.  This insured a better yield, which translates into “about 1,500 triangles every 15 minutes.”

That’s more than even the hungriest pizza maven can keep up with.   


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