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Friday, April 14, 2017

What's so good about Good Friday?

Holy Wednesday Procession  (Photo by Millars)
Not all Christians call the day that Jesus was crucified “Good.”  In German, it’s sometimes called “Sorrowful Friday,” and in the Greek Church, “the Holy and Great Friday.”

Nevertheless, many still say “Good Friday.”  So what’s so good about this day of deep mourning?

From a limited human perspective, tragedy often trumps triumph.  We focus upon the immediate crisis without recognizing any underlying goodness.  We do this in general, not only on sacred days.

But every day can be holy when seen from a spiritual perspective.  If Jesus lovingly went to the cross, in accordance with God’s will, and in fulfillment of God’s Word, then is that not Goodness?  In fact, some theorize that the “Good” in “Good Friday” stems from the term “God’s Friday.”

If we viewed each day as God’s, perhaps Goodness would rule our troubled planet.  Come to think of it, “Good Wednesday” sounds a lot better than just plain Hump Day.


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