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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Color Me Rich

(Photo by Dougie)
Who would have thought that Crayola type thinking could result in corporate boosts?

Apparently many large companies do.  MacDonald’s, for example, utilizes a combination of red and yellow to make its point.  Red energizes, and might even stimulate hunger.  It can also be seen from quite a distance.  Since red can advertise
blowout sales, MacDonald’s softens this message with them golden (think wealth) arches.

Then there’s the green which surrounds the Subway logo. What better color is there for a company that hypes freshness?

The pink highlights within the "BR" of Baskin Robbins connote “sweetness and playfulness.”  These highlights are shaped like the number 31.  This is no accident:  Baskin Robbins would like customers to slurp their products every day of the month.

Ironically, United Airlines uses blue to “signal trustworthiness… reliability and loyalty.”  The question remains:  to whom?


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