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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sierra Leone: Diamonds in the rough

President Ernest Bai Koroma  (Photo by ABR)
Amidst the sordid struggles of life, something sparkling can appear.  Within the impoverished nation of Sierra Leone, that something has been diamonds.

Unfortunately, “Sierra Leone’s diamond wealth fueled a decade-long civil war that ended in 2002.”  And things haven’t gotten much better since.

So if that country’s second-largest uncut diamond were to suddenly pop up, most citizens would be tempted to call it their own.  Not so Pastor Emmanuel Momoh.  The "706- carat alluvial diamond” that he found in Yakadu village was willingly given to the government.

Pastor Momoh cited faith in the administration's intention to further fund development projects.  In a step toward making good on the pastor’s trust, President Ernest Bai Koroma “promised the diamond would be sold to the highest bidder and whatever is due the owner and government would be distributed accordingly.”

Some are quite skeptical about this promise.  Yet diamonds in the rough are everywhere, and they continue to reflect much Holy Light.


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