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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What needy looks like

Marie Antoinette    (Public Domain)
If you think needy looks like a tattered person at a traffic junction, think again.  That person might be gifting rather than begging.

When Tim Owens was laid off from his job, things could have been a lot worse.  Clutching his final paycheck, yet realizing that others needed it far more than he, Owens decided to give it away.

Where better to do this than at a busy intersection?  And how better to do it than dressed as a beggar?  In that way,
passers-by might learn to see beyond the stereotype.

As Owens stood on the corner handing out $50 bills, he was met with various responses.  Some refused his offer, explaining that their own needs were already met. Others accepted the help and thanked him heartily.  Still others sought ways to return the favor.

This array of responses taught Owens that “we don’t always know what the needy look like.” Sometimes an elegant individual is the one who needs help the most.


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