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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Prince Harry: Seek help when needed

Prince Harry in 2014   (Public Domain)
Although we sometimes think of royals as cartoon characters, they are as human as you and I.

Prince Harry tried for years to ignore Princess Diana’s death.  This came at the expense of his emotional health.  Two decades later, he is openly embracing the wisdom of expressing grief.

Harry now admits that “not dealing with the trauma had contributed to years of ‘total chaos’ in his late 20s.”  He currently urges people to seek counseling when needed.  The prince has received such help “more than a couple of times,” and explains “it is great.”

When someone takes that first giant step, the door can swing open.  Harry was pleasantly surprised at “how much support you get.”

So knock, and it shall be opened.  Seek and ye shall find…


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