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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Humble-brag: 'Oh so busy'

A bunch of lazy you-know-whats!    (Photo by Diliff)
It used to be that one-upmanship consisted of endless rounds of golf.  Now it consists of endless bouts of work.

Workaholism has superseded leisure as the ultimate badge of success.  Those who claim to be overworked and overwhelmed are often bragging in disguise.  They are subtly saying, “I’m more important than you,” because their time is obviously more valuable.  Emphasis on obviously.

In other words, the world can go on without you, but if the humble-bragger takes some time off, who knows what disasters might occur…  God might even have to pitch in and help.  

A humble-brag extraordinaire might sound something like this: I’m just so swamped by all my charity work!  The speaker not only gets points for being “oh so busy,” but also kudos for being “oh so compassionate.”

Other variations of the humble-brag theme are as follows:  I have no life!  I need a vacation.  Desperately!


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