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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy is as happy does

Joy  (from Tacuinum Sanitatis)
Happy is not just an adjective, it’s also a verb.  Often, happy is as happy does.

Kate Rockwood of therefore offers some tips on acting as if.  If you act in happy ways long enough, you might just end up feeling good.

Beginning each day with a mad rush to get out the door militates against smooth progress.  Timing yourself in advance so that there is plenty of leeway for each necessary activity makes for a more peaceful mood.  If this means getting out of bed earlier, it is well worth the happiness dividends.

Develop what National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner calls a “Pride Shrine.”  This can be a series of photos and objects that stimulate ancestral memories.  Perhaps there’s one of your grandfather as a young boy.  Perhaps there’s that shiny stone from a childhood Great Lakes vacation.  In any event, just viewing these over morning coffee can set your sights in a positive direction.

While making appointments for the coming week (month, year…), consider work/life balance to be essential.  You can literally pencil in worship, meditation, prayer, retreats and the like in order to ensure that they don’t get overlooked in the fray.

It also helps to love the life you're with.  Dreaming is wonderful, and there’s much to be said for pursuing lofty goals.  Along the way, however, practice gratitude for the here and now.  Such a mindset will edge you closer to where you want to be.


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