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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fifty more shades: It's never enough

Pope Gregory I  (Public Domain)
Fifty Shades of Gray was apparently not enough to satisfy the appetites of hungry viewers.  Nor was it enough to fill the black holes of corporate coffers.

So it's back to the drawing board with Fifty Shades Darker.  More sex, more violence… “more” being the operative theme.

Pope Gregory I, compiler of the Seven Deadly Sins listing, would have had a field day with these movies.  Lust (luxuria) certainly prevails.  Gregory defined lust as “an intense and uncontrolled desire,” not only for sex, but also for “money, food, fame or power.”  Check all those boxes, right down the line (with the possible exception of food).

Then there’s greed (avaritia), which is specific to “the excessive pursuit of material possessions.”  Check again.  It’s interesting, frightening and sad to note what actors, producers and the rest of us will do when offered enough cash.

So we're not even going to touch upon gluttony (gula), sloth (acedia), wrath (ira), envy (invidia) and pride (superbia).  Although these too may certainly apply, we’re already in deep enough.


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