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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it T. Rex?

T. Rex, looking spiffy   (Photo by Marcin Polak)
Just when you think that you won’t have to worry about T. Rex any longer, The American Museum of Natural History declares that dinosaurs are still among us.

We’re even hearing that T. Rex was one of our fine feathered friends (although these wispy appendages might have dropped off as little T. rexes grew into big ones).  Feathers can help retain bodily warmth, but a huge animal can generate enough heat to not need them anymore.

So what sports feathery shafts, lays eggs, nests, has a long S-shaped brain “with a relatively large cerebellum and optic lobe, and a small area devoted to smell”?

If you guessed crocodile, you’re close.  If you guessed bird, you’re even closer.  If you guessed dinosaur, look out!  Word has it that they’re still among us.


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