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Monday, March 7, 2016

Pluto scores big: Well, bigger

Have a Heart!      (Public Domain)
Demotions are always pretty embarrassing, even for supposedly inanimate objects.

Sensitive souls are therefore bent upon reinstating Pluto’s planetary status.  These do-gooders couldn’t care less whether Pluto is teeny-tiny and surrounded by Kuiper belt objects.  They are now over the moon about Pluto’s recent “weather” report.

Akshat Rathi of Quartz reports that “bright cloud-like things” have been spotted just above Pluto’s horizon.  These may indicate that low-altitude weather conditions do exist there.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and where there are clouds, guess what might be lurking below?  These weather watchers are therefore thinking that Pluto could be a planet after all.

That has made many of us who remember mouthwatering mneumonics such as “My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” quite happy. After all, it had been no fun at all without the Pizza.


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