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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Alone in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Winter   (Public Domain)

Solitude is not necessarily lonely.  For some, it is a welcome relief from the daily social grind.

Steve Fuller works year after year as the winter caretaker of Yellowstone National Park.  During these long solitary stretches, he is “about a two-hour snowmobile ride away from his closest neighbors.”

Daily Mail reports that his days are filled with snow-removal tasks, and the time flies by.  When not busily engaged with clearing roofs of their frozen loads, Fuller enjoys such pastimes as reading, skiing and photography.  Some of his artistic photos have been featured in National Geographic.

Although there is no television in his 100-year-old Yellowstone cabin, Fuller gets to regularly hear the sound of human voices via Wyoming Public Radio.  He also gets to commune with local wildlife. So as not to encourage any grizzly surprises, Fuller has added some metal bars to the cabin windows.

When the snow melts and the sun shines warmly, he heads out to Africa.  It was there that Fuller first developed a love of solitude.  He explains that this time in the remote bush “changed my life.”

Concerning winters spent in Yellowstone, Fuller adds:  Never had cabin fever.  Never been bored.


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