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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hacking hatred: Anti-Semitic fliers

Old Chapel at Amherst   (AlexiusHoratius)
Some things change in format only.  Beneath them all is still the same old hatred.

Such is the case with anti-Semitic fliers that have been coming through the printers of major universities.  Associated Press reports that “a white power groups appears to have hacked into school printers.”

Princeton, Brown, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and University of Southern California-Los Angeles are all experiencing such vicious incidents.  Other affected schools include Northeastern University, Smith College, University of California-Santa Cruz, University of Connecticut, DePaul University and the University of Massachusettst-Amherst.

These printed fliers not only insult Jewish people, but also encourage “white men” to “troll perceived enemies.”  This is why the chancellor of UMass Amherst recently warned:  This despicable incident reminds us that we must not be complacent as we strive for a society that embraces diversity, inclusion and equity – a society where everyone feels safe and welcome.       


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