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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Who's Weird?

Apolipoprotein E    (Image by JonSDSUGrad) 
From one perspective or another, everyone seems weird.  But from a sociological perspective, “Weird” specifically means “Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic.”

This kind of “Weird” can wreak biological havoc. Researchers suspect that Alzheimer’s is linked to a so-called “civilized” lifestyle.  Whereas the Alzheimer’s-related gene ApoE4  used to help keep parasites in check, it now assists in attacking the brain’s own cells. 

The upside of creature comforts is that creatures are relatively benign.  The downside is that ApoE4 therefore gets bored and begins hitting on neurons.

Shall we then all hightail it back to the jungle?  Or shall we instead develop designer parasites for APOE to torture?  Since jungles are rapidly shrinking, and humans are rapidly expanding, the latter seems preferable.


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