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Friday, July 28, 2017

John Urschel: Adding and subtracting

Urschel in 2015    (Photo by Jeffrey Beall)
In order to add even more accolades to his
academic portfolio, John Urschel must first
do a bit of subtraction.  The Baltimore Ravens
Guard/Center recently announced his retirement from professional football.

Having already achieved a Penn State bachelor’s and master’s in mathematics, Urschel is now on his way to an MIT doctorate.  His polymath tendencies come as no surprise, since his father is a surgeon and his mother an attorney.

Mind you, this isn't all that Urschel has done. He is an accomplished writer, who has already “published six peer-reviewed mathematics papers to date and has three more ready for review.”  He has also won the William V. Campbell Trophy, widely known as the “Academic Heisman.”


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