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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fishes and Droves

A Rain of Fish     (1555 engraving)
The people of La Union, Honduras have their own version of manna from heaven:  droves of fishes.

In this impoverished village where “jobs are scarce,” meals consist mainly of “corn and beans.”  Yet every now and then, the sky “rains fish.”

This phenomenon begins with “a torrential downpour.”  A nearby “sunken pasture” then becomes filled with “hundreds of small, silver-colored fish.”  This silver bounty provides the only seafood that locals get to eat.

No one knows exactly why this all happens, but folks have their theories.  One farmer explained:  It’s a miracle.  We see it as a blessing from God.  Some link this to the prayers of Spanish missionary Manuel de Jesus Subirana, who “asked God to help ease the Yoro region’s hunger and poverty.”  It is said that the fish began raining down soon afterwards.


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