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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Skullduggery and the like

Yorick's Skull  (Painting by Eugene Delacroix)
It is a well-known phenomenon that morbid humor eases the pain of tragedy.

When 650-plus Aztec skulls (of men, women and children) were recently unearthed, many “sick” jokes were therefore made.  Some cried, “An obvious case of skullduggery!”  Others quipped that human sacrifice would make for great reality TV.

Within such dross lies philosophical gold.  Ralph Barber comments:  Amazing how we as men could gaze upon these remains so unaffectedly, knowing that someday we, too, will be empty skulls.

Alas, poor Aztecs!  If skulls are all that’s left, then why bother?  Yet maybe, just maybe, there really are “more things in heaven and earth” than we can possibly imagine.

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