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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ben & Jerry's: Rounding up complaints

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Mother always warned, “You’re only as good as your latest mistake.”  Last impressions are often lasting.

Even though Ben & Jerry’s has long been “a brand famous for its quality and eco-friendly practices,” it is now being maligned for including glyphosate in its ingredients.
Glyphosate, one of the mainstays of Roundup, is a fancy term for “weedkiller.”

When glyphosate was found “in 10 out of 11 samples of the company’s ice cream flavors,” the public went ballistic. Organic Consumers is urging Ben & Jerry's to Stop Selling Roundup-Ready Ice Cream!

Despite all the good that the company has accomplished over the years, it may now slip from Queen Frostine's Ice Cream Sea all the way back to square one.


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