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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Behavioral activation: From the outside in

Behaviorist C. B. Ferster  (Photo by Jff119)
The current "gold standard" for depression therapy operates from the inside out.  Cognitive-based therapy (CBT), which challenges depressed people’s “thoughts and beliefs,” can cost a patient much time and money.

Behavioral activation treatment, on the other hand, operates from the outside in.  A simpler approach which requires less time and training, it serves to increase participation in meaningful activities and decrease involvement with upsetting and/or isolating situations.

Study results from the University of Exeter in England indicate that behavioral activation “may work just as well” at treating depression as CBT.  Because mood and behavior are linked, why not begin with behavior?  This might be a whole lot easier than trying to get at entrenched thoughts.


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