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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wrong again!

Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition   (by Cristiano Banti)
According to author Chuck Klosterman, history proves that human theories have been wrong much of the time.

He points out that Aristotle was “disproved by Galileo,” who in turn got “trumped by Newton, until Einstein ruled the roost.”  Klosterman’s book, But What If We’re Wrong?, is not so much a diatribe against science as it is against intellect.  Often our thinking is just plain skewed.

In researching this topic, Klosterman noted that widespread theories were often knocked down within one generation of their popularity.  He therefore concludes:  It’s important to question that which seems beyond questioning.  

Nevertheless, Klosterman also admits the possibility of pretty much anything occurring.  He points out that with infinity in the mix, “all things that could possibly happen will happen.”  This would leave room for infinite versions of reality, perhaps all being equally valid. 


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