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Monday, August 8, 2016

Have a Cup

Bamboo Cups     (Public Domain)
People watching Michael Phelps’ athletic feats might notice some round red marks on his shoulder and back.  One wag surmised, “He must have fallen asleep on his medals.”

Actually, Phelps is summoning some ancient Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Chinese wisdom (said to have been recommended by Prophet Muhammad).  He is practicing a technique called “cupping,” which helps to “improve blood flow for muscles that have become sore.”

As the name implies, suction cups are placed on sore areas of the body.  The skin tends to bruise as the suction increases.  Thus, the telltale signs.

Hey, it could be worse!  Cupping to date is perfectly legal, and Phelps seems none the worse for such wear.  In fact, he just won his 19th Olympics gold medal.


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