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Monday, August 15, 2016

Duncanism Strikes Again

A Duncanesque Moment    (Public Domain)
In refusing President Obama’s invitation to the Rio Olympics, Tim Duncan was reminding the world that Duncanism is very much alive and well.

There have been many questions about Duncan’s religious views, with few answers in return.  One thing, though, has been certain right along.  Duncan practices what many only preach: humility.

Last month, The Huffington Post listed “Five-and-a-Half Life Lessons” from Tim Duncan’s career.  These are lessons that would strengthen most religious leanings.  They are as follows: avoid drama (slow and steady wins the race), focus on fundamentals (attention to detail), learn from leadership (be open to coaching), make lemonade from lemons (reclaim victories), prioritize teamwork (let others shine), and go with the flow (at life's different stages).

Say what you want, label him “Dr. Spock” if you must, but Duncan has proven time and again that “humble pie” can be oh-so-sweet.


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