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Monday, August 29, 2016

Courteney Cox: Let it be

Cox in 2009  (Photo by Felicia C. Sullivan)
After fighting the telltale signs of aging (and a life well lived) for upteen years, Courteney Cox has come to a wise conclusion:  Let it be.

Cox readily admits:  Getting older is not the easiest thing.  This can be especially true within an industry that considers you washed up at 30.

Nevertheless, Cox extols the virtues of lessons learned.  Engaging in certain cosmetic procedures only made her more anxious.  She explains, “…luckily there are things [procedures] that dissolve and go away.”

Someday our entire bodies will dissolve and go away.  Aging teaches us to accept, and perhaps embrace, that reality.  And who knows?  Perhaps life outside the body’s confines is even more precious…


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