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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Piece of the Rock

Garden of the Gods    (Photo by EvasS)
When Paul and Jean Dovin bought their very own piece of the rock, they didn’t realize how popular it was.  Their newfound property, known to the locals as Rock Cemetery, was “the site of an 18th century stone church.”

What the Dovins didn’t know is that burials are still occurring there.  Folks are still coming to visit their loved ones.  Flags are flowers are still being placed on the graves.

This was far more than the Dovins had bargained for.  Their private little haven, 40 miles west of Philadelphia, turned out to be quite a public affair.

The Dovins have now filed a lawsuit stating that “the advertisement for the property failed to inform them that the cemetery was active.”  They have also “threatened to call police” should visitors keep arriving.


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