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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Long distance runners 'brought home the bacon'

Today's version...  (Photo by MartinPutz)
If you’re looking for a macho mate, it might be best to “dial long distance.”

Medical Daily reports that such “distance runners have higher levels of testosterone and genetic leverage” over their competitors.

This hormonal “advantage” allegedly signaled the presence of a good breeding partner.”

A person who could outrun prey would have been a person who “brought home the bacon” to a cave-dwelling family.  

Although animals are often superior sprinters, humans are far better at going the distance.  Humans can sweat, so as not to overheat.

Human tendons and posture “are designed to propel,” which greatly assists in maintaining momentum.  

These superior hunters often exhibited generosity and intelligence, two other highly desirable traits. All in all, they were the “rock stars” of the Stone Age.


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