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Monday, April 13, 2015

Lauren Hill: Blessed, really blessed

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At 19, Lauren Hill was wise beyond her years.  She had told WKRC-TV:  Every moment you get with someone is a moment
that’s blessed, really blessed.

Hill made this statement when painfully aware that her moments were running out.  Battling an inoperable brain tumor, she bravely inspired “others to live fully.”

Basketball was Hill’s passion, and she wasn’t about to let a tumor bench her.  Playing for Mount St. Joseph, “a Division III school in suburban Cincinnati,” Hill gave it her all.

In so doing, Hill was setting an example for people to “live in the moment because the next moment’s not promised.”

As she once told the Associated Press:  Anything can happen at any given moment.  What matters is right now.

Right now, Hill has passed on to another realm.  And right now, many of us are still existing in this one. 

Either way, the wisdom remains the same:  What matters is right now.


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