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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Feeling abandoned? Hawking has the cure

Malik in 2014   (Photo by Kurt Kulac) 
If things aren’t going particularly well for you in this corner of the cosmos, Stephen Hawking says not to worry:  There may be many other universes to choose from.

So if your favorite boy-band singer (husband, wife, BFF… you name it) seems to have ditched you, bear in mind that he (she or it) might be right by your side within a parallel universe.

When Hawking was recently asked about “the cosmological effect of singer Zayn Malik leaving the  best-selling boy band One Direction,” his immediate response was this:  Finally a question about something important.

Hawking then urged heartbroken teenagers everywhere to immerse themselves in theoretical physics, touting such knowledge as the ultimate cure for abandonment issues.

And Hawking should know...

Abandoned by much of his own body, the great scientist has not let that deter him.  Hawking is still going strong in this world (and who knows in how many others) years after his medically-predicted death.


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