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Sunday, April 5, 2015

A.D.: How twelve guys took down Rome

Conversion of Paul  (Jean Fouquet, c. 1455)
For Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the Book of Acts tells the story of how “twelve guys” managed to “take down Rome.”

The Blaze explains that this husband-and-wife team (he a “famed TV producer,” and she an “actress”), keep their Tinseltown marriage going strong via a combination of 
“prayer and devotion to their faith.”

Wanting to share this faith with viewers led them to bring their well-acclaimed series “The Bible” to the History Channel.  Now they are following that up with a twelve-
week series titled “A. D.: The Bible continues.”  This latest series will portray “the biblical story of Christianity’s beginnings.”

Downey reminds viewers that "the story did not end at the cross.  It was just the beginning.”  Burnett adds, “It’s unbelievable if you think of it.  Well, it’s God’s plan, so we believe it…”

And who is the major character in this A. D. story?  The temptation might be to answer, “St. Paul,” but Burnett deems otherwise.

Burnett emphasizes that the “major character in the Acts of the Apostles… is the Holy Spirit” (which “is mentioned 57 times throughout the text”).

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