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Monday, April 27, 2015

Acres of (big green) Apple

(Photo by Forest & Kim Starr)
Talk about doing a 180!

Why it used to be that Greenpeace was constantly complaining about the size of Apple’s environmental footprint.  These days, Apple has become quite the “green” company.

Yoni Heisler of BGR News reports that Apple, in partnership with The Conservation Fund, plans “to acquire upwards of 36,000 acres of forest land in the eastern United States.”  The idea behind this is to “manage these forestlands sustainably…  while supplying business paper and packaging needs.”

Other projected benefits include “providing permanent environmental protection [of these forests],” thus assisting with “fighting climate change.

Although it’s been said (melodically) that “God didn’t make little green apples,” He nevertheless might approve of the big green Apple that seems to be emerging.


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