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Friday, April 17, 2015

Migrants: Dying to reach Europe

Malta Harbor  (Photo by Henry M. Trotter)
In search of a better life, or to preserve life altogether, more and more migrants are risking it all for the shores of Europe.

They are coming from Algeria to France, from Libya to Malta, and from Nigeria to Italy.  They are fleeing Africa because of war, injustice, famine and poverty.

One young lady told immigration authorities that she had left Kano (in Northern Nigeria) because of fears that she would be kidnapped by Boko Haram. 

Who could argue with that?

Another, who left Gambia in search of a viable future, stated:  My family, they don’t have nothing. They are poor people. 

That either…

Yet another, who had been in Libya for 15 years, “was terrified at the prospect of ISIS gaining even more territory.”

That too.

Refugees such as these are paying “a fortune” for the privilege of “washing up” on European shores. Conditions on the boats are deplorable:  wet, cold, overcrowded and barely seaworthy.  Many don't survive the journey.

Nevertheless, hope trumps risk.  Hope trumps hardship.  Hope even trumps evil.  So here’s hoping with hope, rather than against it.


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