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Monday, April 6, 2015

Stray dogs appear at animal lover's funeral

Zen Circle of Life  (by Kanjuro ShibataXX)
It is said that love transcends everything, even death itself.

ABC News reported that “a pack of stray dogs” showed up   at animal-lover Margarita Suarez’ funeral, and then “stood guard” by her coffin.

Because Suarez' funeral occurred "in a town more than 830 miles away from her home,” the dogs that showed up were not necessarily the ones she had helped.

Nevertheless, these “canine celebrants” entered the funeral home and proceeded to stay all day and night near the coffin.  In the morning only one remained, but the whole   pack later made its way back to the cremation site.

Staff at this funeral home stated that dogs do not generally “hang around” there. Workers said that they “had never    seen anything like it before.”

According to Suarez’ daughter, Margarita had “always fed the dogs on her block and the 20 stray cats that lived there.”

In life’s sacred circle, it certainly seems as though what goes around, comes around… 


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