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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jordan Spieth: The hardest thing

Hole 10 at Augusta   (Public Domain)
Playing championship golf is definitely not the hardest thing for Jordan Spieth.

Instead, the hardest thing for Spieth is to put aside wanting to win so bad.

The competitive urge certainly played its part in getting Spieth to the Masters.  But once there, this urge can get in the way if allowed to run unchecked.

Wise beyond his 21 years, Spieth knows this.  He has developed a myriad of self-analytical techniques for perfecting his game.

Daily News reports that Spieth has not forgotten the lessons learned from last year’s loss to Bubba Watson.  In Spieth’s own words:  What I learned was patience… with the kind of mental stuff that’s running through your head, the stress levels.

Could be why Spieth is being called “an old head on young shoulders…”


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