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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Got a problem? Call Putin

Just give a call...     (Public Domain)
If you’ve got a personal problem while residing in Russia, you can do what millions have done:  Call Vladimir Putin during “his annual marathon phone-in.”

ABC News explains that this yearly event (perhaps a throwback to the days when “poor Russians would write letters to the Czar…”) is an opportunity for “ordinary” folks to pick
Putin’s brain.  Not only that, it is also a chance to beg for favors.

During the recent phone-in, one woman asked Putin to intervene in a marital dispute.  The wife in question wanted a dog, but the husband didn’t.  It would be Putin’s task to convince this husband to cozy up with Fido.  Putin’s response?  He laughed, then said that perhaps he could help the husband to be “persuaded”

When shown a photo of a “squalid house” in which “an 85-year-old veteran was living,” Putin asked for details in order to “deal with it.”

Not a Russian citizen?  No problem.  There’s still time to hightail it over there for the next phone-in. This year, Putin even fielded a question from an English citizen living in Russia. Putin teased the caller with this question:  Cherchez la femme?  (Essentially meaning, “Here to chase women?”)

ABC News commented that this year’s record number of “3 million callers” reflects “how many Russians believe their president can solve their problems if only he knew of them.”   


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