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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Confronting catcallers: Signs of change

 (Photo by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sanchez) 
ABC News reports that a new breed of “stop signs” is popping up within some of America’s major cities.

In New York and Philadelphia, these new signs have vivid messages such as “NO CATCALLING ANYTIME” and “NO

Groups like Hollaback! (an “anti-street harassment group) are becoming more and more proactive.  Hollaback! cites a CDC survey when claiming that “non-contact unwanted sexual experiences” are the most common forms of “sexual violence” for both genders.

Although non-contact street harassment has become somewhat “normalized” over the many years of its existence, the effects remain traumatizing for many.  Raising public awareness via these eye-catching signs may be the first step forward in mitigating this longstanding problem.


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