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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The couple that works together...

Pitt in 2013  (Photo by Eva Rinaldi)
Working together can certainly bring a whole other dimension into an intimate relationship.

Rather than simply complaining to each other about coworkers, the couple now finds that the dreaded coworker is right there across the kitchen table.  Worse yet, he or she is right there in bed.

Now let’s not pretend that “Brangelina” is just any old couple.  When the going gets rough, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have external support systems that we don’t.

Nevertheless, when they decided to once again work together, the Jolie-Pitts reportedly experienced the same trepidation that you or I might.  Jen Odell of Wonderwall explains that friends
had even questioned the famous couple about whether this venture would be a good idea.

To add to the pressure, this latest Jolie-Pitt movie is “a drama about a bad marriage.”  Jolie stated:  It was very tough material,
so for any actors it was heavy dramatic emotional work.

Kind of like marriage itself… 

Jolie’s upbeat conclusion:  It [was] uncomfortable but we’ve already shot it, we’ve survived it and we’re stronger for it. 


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