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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Theologians, listen up

Pope and Patriarch  (Photo by Nir Hason)
If you want to get a feel for eternity, spend some time with a group of ivory-tower theologians.  Pretty soon you’ll be longing for the nearest exit.

Having had more than his share of such meetings, Pope Francis is urging theologians to change their nitpicking ways. He suggests that they humbly “listen to what ordinary Catholics have to say” rather than just make “pronouncements in an academic vacuum.”

Francis furthermore told members of the International Theological Commission to “open their eyes and ears to the signs of the times.”  In other words:  Get with it!

In keeping with his strong belief that theologians have been “holding back the church in its mission to evangelize and work with other Christian communities,” Pope Francis has been advocating for “a more merciful type of theology” (i.e., “theology on its knees”).

This “kneeling” theology would be far more capable of “meeting the faithful where they are..." than the high-flown kind has been.  


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