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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mount Soledad: Veterans double-crossed?

(Photo by Will Fresch)
Way atop the La Jolla section of San Diego, California stands a 43-foot high cross. This Mount Soledad cross is part of a federally-funded memorial to all U. S. war veterans.

However, not everyone is pleased with this blatant juxtaposition of church and state.  Kevin Freking of the Associated Press reports, “Last year, a federal judge ordered the federal government and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to remove the cross.” 

This order was partially based on the “pivotal and imposing stature” of this cross.  Because of its size and brightness, the Mount Soledad cross dwarfs “by every measure the secular plaques and other symbols commemorating veterans.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr. begs to differ.  He likens this 43-foot high cross to the 3-foot high ones that often decorate grave sites.  In fact, Hunter recently stated:  It’s the same thing.  Our is just a whole lot

Can something really be “the same thing” and yet “a whole lot bigger” all at once?  Sounds like Hunter has been watching a whole lot of science-fiction flicks lately…

If the “size doesn’t matter” crowd is so adamant about this quantum theory, then why not simply exchange the existing Mount Soledad cross for a much smaller one?   

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