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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tree getting your goat? Reverse the trend

Help this goat grow!     (Photo by Kuebi)
Many in-house live Christmas trees have seen better days.  If the one dropping needles all over your rug is beginning to get your goat, here’s a way to reverse that trend.

Grand Junction Associated Press reports on how things are done out in Western Colorado.  Goat farmers in that region say “Christmas trees make great snacks for their herds.”

Not only do “pine needles have vitamin C,” but the trees are also “a natural de-wormer for goats.”  

Who knew?

Of course, the decorations should first be removed.
Chemically-sprayed trees are also a no-no.  If your live tree passes on these two qualifications, and you dwell within Colorado’s Grand Valley, just give a holler.

Three of the local ranches (Hopper’s Lil Moo, Top of the Hill and 5-R) will be glad to 
relieve you of this needling burden.

If your trees pass muster, but you don’t live in the Grand Valley, then start a new trend in your own locale.  Goats everywhere will thank you. 


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