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Sunday, December 28, 2014

'Baby Jesus' stolen: How low can you go?

(Photo by Nevit Dilmen)
There are all sorts of ways to legitimately bring Jesus into your life.  Stealing “baby Jesus” from a Nativity display is not one of them.

Unfortunately, this misdeed is not all that uncommon.  The Washington Post recently reported on a number of incidents in which the baby Jesus came up missing.  In one particularly heinous occurrence, “a baby Jesus doll was replaced with a freshly-severed pig’s head.”

That abominable incident took place “Christmas morning at the Sacred Hearts church in Haverhill, Massachusetts.”  At the Greenfield, Massachusetts town square, a $3,000 Italian baby Jesus doll was taken on Christmas Eve morning.

Yet another “baby Jesus” was stolen from Ashville, North Carolina’s Trinity Baptist Church.  It was then replaced with a lamb.

“Baaaa humbug” to all such crimes, nevertheless…


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