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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Salvation Army: Red kettle, gold tooth

Golden Smile  (Photo by Steve Evans) 
There are gold rings, gold coins, gold bars and gold teeth.  Gold teeth are last on this list with good reason.  In the United States, they’re not highly associated with either sentimental or cash value.

Nevertheless, a Salvation Army worker from Kansas City, Missouri found an entire tooth (root and all) within one of the donation kettles.  Because this tooth had a gold filling, its estimated “street value” is one hundred dollars.

If you can get past the “ugh” factor, a donation of that type is quite good (compared to the usual smaller bills).  Nevertheless, the Salvation Army is going to hold it for a while “in case it was put into the kettle by accident.”

Certainly, the tooth fairy has better things to do with her time.  Reuters, however, reports that someone who was carrying the tooth in his or her pocket may have mistakenly thrown it into the kettle along with the intended donation.

If the tooth remains nameless and claimless, it will then be cashed in.  Its monetary value will help “a holiday fund-raising drive” to meet its “$2 million goal for the Kansas City area.”


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